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Spas village is one of the largest and richest villages in Kolomyia region, which is home to more than 3,000 people and more than 1,200 yards.

Spas lies on the right bank of the river Prut, among generous Precarpathian nature. Here grows a lot of woods, there are rivers and streams, meadows and fields. Local people are very zealous for work, for wholesale affairs. The total area of the village is 2827.6 ha. Spas belongs to those villages in whose territories people have been living for a long time. The famous Ukrainian scientist-archaeologist Larisa Krushelnytska, who excavated Trypillian settlements in Spas, believed that people lived here already in the 2nd half of the 4th millennium BC. So, people have been living in Spas for more than 6,000 years!

This means that Spas is one of the oldest Ukrainian and European villages. Almost fantastic is the location of the mountain peaks, the ridge on the main calendar directions. So our ancestors invented and applied two kinds of calendars: solar - on annual movement of luminaries and star, or zodiac - on movement of separate constellations and stars on sky. Not a small role in the depiction of the Carpathian Stonehenge was played by the Voskresinetskaya mountain, the Spassky sanctuary (tract Monastery) of the top of the mountains in Pilippi, Trach, Debeslavtsy - this is the so-called small stonehenge. Great Stonehenge is when to postpone and continue on the maps of the region azimuths and corners in accordance with the scheme, then in the east along the solstice line (solstice), when the longest days are 21-22 June, the length of the day is 16.27 hours (maybe 30) located in the village of Akryshora, Mount Pocharina, Mount Kichera Lyuchanskaya (Maiden Mountain), Voskresinetskaya Mountain, and in the western direction in the center of the tunnel you can see the highest mountain of Ukraine - Goverla 2061 m., Which was obviously the main rapper of the sanctuary on Lysina Kosmatskaya, where the sunset was recorded on the shortest day of the year December 21-23, the length of the day is 8 hours 30 minutes.

With the departure of the Tesis Ocean (20 million years), the heat-loving Sarmatian Sea (which was on our territory) for 8-6 million years gave impetus to the mountain building of the Carpathians, where, thanks to the climate, unique healing plants were formed, which have long been used by our ancestors. Not an exception was the territory of the trypillya villages: Spas, Pylypy, Debeslavtsi, Grushiv, Voskresintsy, Trach, where people raised cattle, made tools, hunted, boiled honey and were treated with medicinal potions. In the time of Danylo Halytsky, a monastery was built on the site of an ancient sanctuary in Spas, where the monks treated the surrounding villages with a healing potion.